Touch Bar Widgets

BetterTouchTool includes some widgets you can display on your Touch Bar.

Hint: It is often useful to put the widgets inside a Touch Bar Group

Remaining Battery Widgets

This Widget allows you to view the estimated remaining time your Macbook Pro can run on the current battery charge. appswitcher

Date / Time Widget

Shows the current date/time in any format you want. appswitcher appswitcher

App Switcher Widgets

Allows you to switch through your recent applications (like pressing cmd+tab) appswitcher appswitcher

Volume Slider

Adjust the Mac speaker volume using a slider appswitcher

Brightness Slider

Adjust the Mac's brightness using a slider.

If you press ctrl while sliding it will change the brightness of your external monitors


Apple Script Widget

Allows you to run aribtrary Apple Script in a customizable time interval and display the result in the Touch Bar.

This is a very powerful widget, one example is the ability to show the currently playing Spotify Song (see appswitcher appswitcher

Emoji Widget

Allows you to insert emoticons from your Touch Bar in any app.

Switch between the different groups of emoji using the arrow buttons. The first group that is shown displays the most recently used emoji. appswitcher

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