The preset functionality in BetterTouchTool allows you to save or restore your complete gesture/shortcut configuration to/from a single file and thus easily switch between different setups.


Creating a new Preset

To create a new preset, click the "New" button (orange arrows). This will add an item to the list of presets. The default name is something like new_preset_randomcharacters. To rename a preset, triple-click the default name and enter a new one. Press enter to confirm the new name.

Import/Export settings

With the import export buttons (blue arrows) you can import existing presets or export your current gesture/shortcut configuration.

The default BetterTouchTool preset is saved in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/bttdata2

Switching Presets

To switch between presets either open the preset dropdown menu (red arrow) or use the predefined action Switch To Preset (black arrow)

The predefined action also allows you to cycle through different presets, to achieve this just add the action to each preset and make it switch to the next/other one.

!!!warning I know that the preset handling in BetterTouchTool (as of v1.69) is kind of buggy. I plan to add much more powerful import/export functionality soon, which will fix many issues. This will then also allow to partially export settings (e.g. only the Magic Mouse tab)

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